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Cory Blake

Our goal is to generate an arts movement rooted both in the living experience of somatic practice and in the discipline and revolutionary possibilities of Art.  Our intention is to bring forward substantial works, with the understanding that each contributor has dwelled in the practice of somatics over time, allowing the experiences to infuse the artist’s consciousness and bringing depth, coherence and potency to his or her work.

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We welcome art makers to contact us for representation on the Continuum Movement Arts website. Write to us at or use the Contact form.
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Watch for Calls for Art in the future as our site develops and grows. Calls for Art will go out periodically to our mailing list and will be easily downloadable from the Continuum Movement Arts website.

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Send us information on events you are presenting, such as exhibits, performances, workshops involving creative arts, book launches, and interviews with artists. We will screen submissions to ensure they are consistent with our mission. Be sure to include your name and contact information as well as links to further information and registration, as appropriate. Write to us at
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