Colleen Daly Ferrand

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Colleen has a BS degree in Art Education, K-12, from Buffalo State College and a Diploma in Expressive and Therapeutic Arts Facilitation from Arscura – School of Living Art, Toronto. She is also a trained Lazurist.

A midwife for the creative spirit, Colleen offers uniquely rich, multi-layered experiential journeys in intuitive art-making designed to re-awaken the joy, healing and transforming potential of enlivened creative expression that is the birthright of every human being. Feminine wisdom and women’s spirituality are areas of special focus.

About Continuum

An epiphany moment in my early twenties in which I realized that,   “Movement is the key,” has been an ever present and intimately powerful catalyst as I continue to explore the full meaning of this dynamic revelation for me: its nuances and complexities, its grandeur and simplicity.    Through my deeply profound introduction to Continuum with Emilie in the summer of 2002 and then again, through my life-changing education in Anthroposophical Art Therapy from 2003-2006, I have been given extraordinary tools to access and channel Divine Essence through my body into art, creating inner stirrings on a soul level that ripple and flow ever outward in beautiful, magical ways. This knowing is at the heart of my work as an artist and teacher and imbues my artistic exploration with the thematic elements of efflorescence, fluidity, regeneration, luminescence, nurturance and birth. ~

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