Elaine Colandrea

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Website: elainecolandrea.com

Elaine-ColandreaElaine’s desire to transmit the experience of Continuum Movement led her to making Continuum inspired dances and ultimately to founding Continuum Movement Arts. Please contact her to be part of the movement.

In another time and place, Elaine would be a temple dancer, but in this world she is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher, massage therapist, dancer/choreographer and originator of Moving for Health and Dancing for Health classes. Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, Elaine maintains an active private practice and teaching schedule. Her studio is a haven for fellow somatic explorers. She also offers Continuum Movement and Traveling for Health retreats in Italy. Elaine serves on the Advisory Council and Teachers Review Board for Continuum Movement.

Elaine’s primary interest is in the alchemy of movement; how movement, breath and sound inform us and alter us internally and how the internal changes permeate and manifest in the outer world. The transforming effects of movement have always guided her and led to the study of many forms of dance, the creation of original dance theater productions (Venus, 2009; The Field, 2004; Marsh Dreams, 2001; Fool’s Journey, 1999) and the study of various movement and bodywork practices. In 2012, she created “On the Nature of the Body,’ a dance installation in a gallery  which led dance reviewer Linda Diamond to say Elaine Colandrea is a” wizard of new dance forms.”

Elaine has an M.A. in dance from Columbia University (1982) and was certified as a massage therapist by the Muscular Therapy Institute (1988). Influential teachers include Emilie Conrad (Continuum Movement), Susan Harper (Continuum Montage), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Lenore Latimer ( Limón Technique), Robert Ellis Dunn (choreography) and Irene Dowd (functional anatomy). Her clients and students as well as health challenges have also served as primary teachers.