Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell


Elis“Continuum movement has flowed through my Life/Art since 2005 when I began studying with Emilie Conrad and Elaine Colandrea. Through spirals, undulations, streaming, gathering and spreading, furling and unfurling, my body expresses its biological nature as a creative, learning process that continually renews and innovates. In this practice, I access the internal, somatic experience of my bodymind and use the information harvested there to make creative decisions about my dances inside and outside of the studio. The resources of open attention, breath, sound, and embryological and evolutionary movement motifs support my healing, growth, and creativity as a movement artist and as a human being in the Web of Life that sustains us all.” — Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell

As an educator, consultant, and movement artist, I cherish the body as a primary medium for learning, growth and creativity. Intensive study of the embodied awareness practices of Tamalpa Life/Art (Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin), Continuum Movement, and Vipassana meditation deeply inform my work. With graduate degrees in Psychology (emphasis on Somatics) and Education (focus on Mind, Brain and Education), I have taught people across the lifespan in a variety of contexts, from a private elementary school for girls, to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Currently, I serve on the faculty of Tamalpa Institute and the Board of Directors of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA), and am becoming an authorized teacher of Continuum Movement.