Gale Marsland


Full, free, fluid expressions,
Knowing deeply my connection to all-that-is,
Seeing everything with sublime appreciation,
The intended path of my life.

Continuum Movement and Art have been
like water to this desert plant.
Discerning ‘my’ water,
surrendering to its resonance,
being the inherent coherency of it,
interrelating to all the water of the cosmos,
distances become inconsequential.
Unhindered exploration
along an expanding infinite continuum,
where creativity lives.

Early imaginings and designing: buildings, gardens, neighborhood spaces,
that incorporated sustainability and community into the expressions.
The large economically intensive scale became prohibitive,
leading the way to more easily accessible explorations
like painting, photography, writing.

I, and all my expressions,
are fractal patterns
emerged from the extreme presence
that nestles in Continuum Movement.