Niki Berg



Niki BergNiki Berg’s work has been published in books, catalogues and monographs including “In Their Mothers’ Eyes,” “Sacred Connections, Stories of Adoption,” and “A Gate Unfastened, Mothers and Daughters.”  She is a recipient of an Artist Fellowship Award and the Catalogue Project Award from the New York Foundation for the Arts for “A Gate Unfastened.” She has received the Annenberg Medical Arts Award for “When Death Comes,” and has been a fellow at Yadoo as well as the MacDowell Artist Colonies.  Most recently she was invited to participate in Art Cart, Saving the Legacy, an intergenerational art project sponsored by Columbia University and NYU to document the work of the elder artists with the help of the graduate students.

How Continuum Informs My Art

I lived most of my life holding my breath. A difficult way to be.     

By practicing Continuum for over twenty years, using breath and sound to move through all the layers of dense, held feelings–fear, anxiety, anger–I’ve been able to release these and thus receive and give love. To myself and all things on the planet.

My photographs are an extension of my life. I view my subjects with feelings of open curiosity, and engage with them–the flowers–wherever they are in their process of moving through time. For me every stage is beautiful. Every stage to be honored.

I will always be grateful to Emilie Conrad for guiding me to the wonder and infinite possibilities in our precious life.

Niki Berg

July, 2014