Rachel Evans

Rachel EvansBiography

Rachel Evans has been a member of the Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, jazz group String Fever, contemporary music ensemble Continuum, and the Meridian Quartet. She has performed across the globe with ensembles whose repertoire spans medieval to contemporary. She was a principal player and recitalist at the Carmel Bach Festival for many years and appeared in chamber ensembles at the Boston, Berkeley, and Utrecht Early Music Festivals, Charles Ives Festival in Germany and the Victoria Festival in Australia, and The Leopold Mozart Festival in Germany. She appears in the ongoing NYC Cable series “The Facts” also online at 1687inc. As a sound and movement artist, Rachel collaborated with Elaine Colandrea in “Venus” (2009) and “On the Nature of the Body” (2012), in Rhinebeck, NY. A recipient of the Coleman Chamber Music Award, she earned B.Mus. and M.Mus. degrees at The Juilliard School of Music. She gives private and group lessons in Beacon and Garrison (waterlove@optonline.net).

How Continuum has informed me as a professional violinist and musician

From the first day I learned CM I found my body could do things by means of it’s own intelligence that I couldn’t do when I tried in my  ‘normal’ state. So I immediately began practicing while making sounds and found that I was playing from a place of possibility rather than a fixed idea. I noticed that my experience of the concert hall and musical performance was magnified in a way that the lights in the concert hall were brighter and I had more power coming through my mind and hands and was more deeply connected to the other players and parts..

I also found that I could create a vessel of energy for myself or for students into or out of which the artistic expression of the music could find a voice. It has helped keep my fingers and hands, arms and back more flexible especially as I took up violin again after over 20 years.

I walk through this door


Artwork by Sydney Cash

I walk through this door of

my own LOVE’s making-

I walk through this door to sound
my TRUTH into BEING.

I feel the tissue in my fingers sound
volume into the HEART of my song,

And KNOW the SPIRIT OF LIFE as it moves
through my soul landing into sound.