Satya Kirsch


Satya KirschMy art work is not only informed and inspired by Continuum, it was birthed from the oceanic and embryological fluids within that were re-awakened and potentiated by my practice of Continuum.In addition, it is Continuum that helped me get out of my own way. It allowed for the softening and rearranging of constraints and old restrictive patterns that allowed for my being present to each moment. This fluid and immediate state of being and freedom allows for the outpouring of creative process.

The visceral and meditative aspects of a Continuum also supported me in engaging in the process of discovery and inquiry and dwell,  with pleasure,  in the mystery and magic in the moment, to have the courage to fall into the nothingness of the abyss and to welcome that which is unknown. It is in that unknown, pre-conscious place that births the most profound and the surprisingly beautiful.

Continuum is the practice of birthing–a recapitulation of creation and creativity.

My art is the externalization of the internal experience of that. The doing of the art is the outpouring of the internalized unconscious into the conscious and external physical form.

Formlessness spilling into form.

I am blessed to be able to engage in that process, to dissolve and to be that.

It is Continuum that initiated me into that gift.